Winter Safety

Snow Alert

Winter Safety Takes Everybody’s Help!

* Otsego County Road Commission

  • Plowing snow & ice
  • Spreading salt
  • Clearing roadways of snow & ice

* Adult Citizens

  • Do not plow snow from driveway on or across road (it’s against the law)
  • Move your vehicles off roadsides
  • Don’t pile snow high near intersections and driveways obstructing others’ vision
  • Keep rocks, timbers, fences, etc. away from road

* Children & Young Adults

  • Stay away from roads being plowed
  • Don’t throw snowballs at vehicles
  • Don’t play in ditches

Did You Know?

  1. Your mailbox is in the road right-of-way. This is permitted by the road commission as a convenience to you. The base or post should be 4 feet back from the pavement if possible.
  2. Consider replacing an expensive decorative mailbox with an inexpensive mailbox for the winter. Consider taking the mailbox down.
  3. If possible, place a “snow board” on a separate post to prevent snow from hitting the mailbox.
  4. If thrown snow damages or knocks your mailbox down, please understand and cooperate by replacing it yourself.
  5. Newspaper, shopping guide or advertising tubes should be located near the mailbox on the same side of the road. Please help our drivers and keep our roads safe.

Call 732-5202 or 911 if stoplights are out or stop signs are down.