Policies and Notices

Policy 2 - Road Ends
Policy 9 - Barbed Wire
Policy 22 - Sanding and Salting of County Roads
P18-5 Mailbox Policy
Public Notice (Right-of-Way)
Temporary Sign Placement Policy


Otsego County Road Commission
Guide for Night and Weekend Snowplowing of Roads in Otsego County 

  • Starting in 2006, only one person will be assigned afternoon duty and one person night duty.  They will charge their time to the State system except for emergency county work.
  • The night person will be paid by the state and will in most cases keep their work on the state system.  Exceptions to this may arise from emergencies where some county road work is needed but not enough to warrant calling in additional help.
  • The afternoon employee may stay and help the night employee if need be.  Those people will work with emphasis on the State highways.
  • In general, overtime activity on County Roads during bad weather will be limited to Old 27, Thumb Lake Road, McCoy Road, Alba Road, Mancelona Road, the hills just off Old 27 on Old State and Marlette Roads, West Otsego Lake Drive, Wilkinson Road and Marquardt Road as far as Sparr Road, Alpine Road, North Otsego Lake Drive, Dickerson Road, Milbocker Road and Evergreen Drive.
  • The State highways are to be taken care of if they have two (2) inches or more of wet snow, four (4) inches of dry snow, or are slippery.  All County primary roads are to be taken care of if they have four (4) inches of wet snow, six (6) inches of dry snow, are extremely slippery or are drifted.  Most County roads are to be taken care of if they have eight (8) inches of wet snow, ten (10) inches of dry snow, or are badly drifted.  Generally, subdivisions will not be plowed on overtime, unless they are impassable.