2018 Road Projects

1.   Cottage Trail (from West Otsego Lake Drive approximately .33 miles) Not scheduled 
2.   Beckett Road (from Turtle Lake Road east approximately 1.14 miles) Start date Monday, August 6, 2018
3.   Old 27 South/Bagley Township (from North Otsego Lake Drive to Lakeview Avenue) Start date Thursday, September 6, 2018
4.   Old 27 South/Otsego Lake Township (Lakeview Avenue to Old State Road, 2.06 miles)  Start date Thursday, September 6, 2018
North Otsego Lake Drive (from Old US 27 South to Dickerson Road, .59 miles) Completed
6.   Murner Road (from Five Lakes Road northerly to Parmater Road) Currently under construction/pavement scheduled for August 20
7.   North Old 27 (from north of the Livingston Road roundabout northerly to Congdon Road) Completed
8.   Dagon Road (approximately 400 feet in seasonal section) Scheduled for August 2018
9.   Hallenius and West Martin Lake Roads (from M 32, west 7150 feet) Scheduled for mid October 2018
10. Old Colony Road, Brandywine Lane, and Crosswick Road (from M 32 northerly) Currently under construction
11. Old Alba Road (west of Hayes Tower Road approximately 2.02 miles) Completed
12. Northwood Drive (from approach at Pencil Lake Road easterly 1.15 miles to Forestridge Drive) Scheduled for mid October 2018

Construction dates subject to change.